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Who? - One ELEPHANT is massacred every 15 minutes for its ivory tusks,
One RHINO is massacred every 7 hours for its horn, we have 5 years left to SAVE the RHINO from extinction,
LION bones are substituting Tiger bones in Asia for WINE etc! and there is more.....

The KIO "Charity Shop" is part of the Green Wall of Africa SEE Youth Projects (NPO 105-399) "Educating One African Child at a Time".
The GWA educates the youth in schools/communities/universities & colleges about Wildlife & Heritage preservation for generations to come through education projects like Rhino SA / Wildlife SA / "Kathorus" Wildlife Youth Education & Awareness Community Program.

A percentage of all sales generated via the "KIO Charity Shop" will directly benefit the GWA NPO global Education & Awareness Program.
Your company/school/club, members of the public etc. contribution would be assisting to educate the next generation as well as help save species fighting extinction.
We would like to thank you in advance for your consideration in helping the #YouthAgainstExtinction generation.

Kit It Out - KIO "Charity Shop" is a South African Internet based charity promotional goods and corporate gifts service. It acts as an open space whereby our customers can reach the highest level of satisfaction in diversity and innovativeness, in what ever promotional goods or corporate gifts they choose. Simply with the click of our "Presentation" button we help them save TIME + MONEY.
Policies - Our target goal is to deliver our clients with the highest quality whatever the quantity may be. We also believe that our priority policies are: delivering our clients with friendliness and effectiveness.

We can do everything and anything - If we don’t have it, we can get it! We have a diverse selection of promotional goods and corporate gifts but if our selection falls short of your needs, we shall do our best to provide.

Creativity - KIT IT OUT also has a creative team that can cater to your needs, whatever the design or idea may be. This makes business for the client more effective and productive so that the job can be done all at once.

Customized and Personalized - KIT IT OUT can customize and personalize anything from a range of promotional goods and corporate gifts by using diverse techniques suiting our client’s needs by using graphics, logos and photographs.

What we have to offer - We supply to everyone and anyone such as businesses, schools, universities, societies, clubs, friends etc…

MONARCH TRANSNATIONAL MARKETING (MTM) is an accredited KIO "Charity Shop" partner.
Any questions please send an email to info@kio.co.za

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